Services for Construction Subcontractors

Flat fee per contract $ 150.00

Expert Contract Review

Subcontractors are in the unique position to finance all projects, to carry most of the risks on the project and get crunched between the demands of suppliers and general contractors. Contracts play a big role in alleviating some of the risks the owners want to send downstream. Contracts can alleviate cash flow problems. Faircontracts allow for smoother performance on the job site as there are no (or at least, fewer) arguments about the Subcontractor’s rights and responsibilities.

Contract Highlights Summary

If requested, a helpful form can be provided that lays out the Subcontractor’s rights and responsibilities in clear, concise English.

Contract Negotiation

Sometimes it is helpful to have a middle person negotiate contracts. When the person authorized to make the final decision negotiates contracts, there is little wiggle room left. A middle person can go back and forth a few times; that always helps getting better terms. Extensive negotiating training also helps!

Notary Public Services

CRS saves you time by coming to you!

General Assistance

General contract compliance can get time consuming and, if not done correctly, hold up payments. CRS is happy to lend a helping hand with insurance, bonding, AIA billings, OCIP reports, certified payroll reports, business tax licenses, Mechanic’s Lien etc.

Assistance with other construction specific tasks, such as:
  • General Contract Compliance
  • AIA Billings
  • OCIP Reports
  • Certified Payroll Reports
  • Mechanic’s Liens